• Wed, 09/01/2019
    The Stack Audio’s LINK is described as a fully featured, streamer designed to add file streaming capabilities to existing two channel hi-fi systems. What you can tell from the pictures is that is has high end build quality that’s unusual when the price is only £695. Stack Audio is a British company that makes of both analogue and digital source more
  • Tue, 08/01/2019
    Audio-Technica is introducing two new wood-based, belt-driven turntables, the AT-LPW40TN and AT-LPW30TK, with prices starting at £259. The turntables’ wood-based chassis have been chosen for their “natural acoustic and anti-resonance properties”. They both use high density wood in an effort to minimise feedback from low frequency energies. The flagship model in the series, the AT-LPW40WN, boasts a dark walnut wood finish on high density more

How To

  • Fri, 07/12/2018
    Back in the sixties and seventies the BBC had real resources, they made all their own programmes and did ground-breaking technological research, the like of which few commercial operations could compete more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 08/01/2019
    When our esteemed editor asked if I would like to review the Naim UnitiCore as I have a UnitiServe with which to compare it, acceptance was inevitable. Other than Mu-so, all my experience with Naim has been from the Classic era, with a green logo and a black case. read more

Show Report

  • November, 2018
    It was inconvenient that the weekend of the Copenhagen High End show coincided with the weather changing from mild and balmy to wet and windy but inside the Clarion hotel there were plenty of great systems to enjoy. This small but elegantly formed... read more


  • Mon, 17/12/2018
    It’s a matter of taste of course but the same cannot be said for sound quality. You would not be here if sound didn’t matter to you and nor would these 14 albums. Each has been chosen by one of our contributors as the best combination of music and sound quality that they have heard all year. So without further ado and presented in alpha order here are the Ear’s finest albums of 2018.