• Thu, 09/08/2018
    The best way to avoid noisy vinyl is to use a great turntable and look after your records, but if the pops and clicks are getting in the way of the music Sweetvinyl’s Sugarcube SC-1 could be the answer. Described as a real time pop and click remover the SC-1 converts the analogue output of a phono stage to digital and allows variable levels of clean-up prior to conversion back to analogue for the more
  • Thu, 19/07/2018
    On the 9th of October 2018, Ortofon celebrates 100 years specialising in the manufacture of phono pick-up cartridges. To celebrate this landmark Henley Audio are delighted to announce the newly developed MC Century limited edition cartridge model is now available in the more

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  • Mon, 13/08/2018
    The Auralic Aries started out as a compact network streamer in a curvy plastic case, it looked cool and sounded even better eventually spawning an alternate LE version with a lesser clock and basic power supply and a Miniwith onboard DAC. Last year the company launched a flagship Aries G2 with a fancy milled case and the very best parts and tech that the company could muster. read more

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  • May, 2018
    SME announced a rather different turntable called Synergy (£14,950). The has a phono stage built into the plinth and is supplied with an arm based on the Series IV and an Ortofon Windfield PWTi moving coil cartridge. The turntable has suspension... read more


  • Fri, 20/07/2018
    There are different ways of starting a hi-fi company, the traditional route of building products in the shed and working up to larger scale operation is the best known but also the slowest, there are plenty of brands that started out that way but the world is changing.