• Tue, 11/04/2017
    PMC was chosen to provide the sound system for the Music Week Awards after party, held at Tape London last night. Music Week’s Awards is a big deal in the biz, with awards presented to record labels, publishing, live, retail, A&R, radio, marketing and even PR. The official after show party is being staged in London’s currently most exalted venue, Tape more
  • Tue, 28/03/2017
    Specifically created for Record Store Day’s 10th birthday, Rega has built a turntable that’s a hybrid of a Planar 1 and RP3 that will be solely available from independent record shops and Rega stockists on the 22nd April for £250. The RSD17 turntable uses the plinth and running gear from the RP3 (which preceded the P3 launched last year and retailed for nearly twice the asking price here) combined with the tonearm and plug and play ability of the new Planar more

How To

  • Tue, 21/03/2017
    Improving a streaming system depends on the nature of the system. The most basic and straightforward streaming system is a laptop and a DAC (digital to analogue converter). The audiophile approach is to use a dedicated audio server and streamer, sometimes built into the same more

Latest Reviews

  • Mon, 24/04/2017
    Way back in the day when Tom Evans was modifying Pioneer CD players with clock upgrades, let’s call it the nineties, he got enthusiastic about Jordan full range drive units. It happens to a lot of people but most stick them in wooden cabinets and make another me too product, Tom had a different idea. read more

Show Report

  • April, 2017
    It was wood, glorious wood as Czech brand RD Acoustics displayed the smaller Euphoria and larger Evolution speakers, the latter with changeable diffuser/waveguide. Both looked amazing, were extremely tactile and made great music. Stand-by, I was... read more


  • Tue, 21/03/2017
    Having made a name with new-thinking in professional loudspeakers, a Dutch brand is launching its foray into hi-fi territory with some highly researched products, as Trevor Butler discovered on a visit to The Netherlands.