• Wed, 13/03/2019
    Russ Andrews is introducing an inline version of its MiniZap, a noise absorption filter that was originally only available as an optional extra fitted to Kimber interconnect cables. The inline version makes it possible for users of any other brand of interconnects to take advantage of promised noise reduction capabilities for improved audio more
  • Fri, 08/03/2019
    The Guns ‘n’ Roses Record Player is based on the popular Pro-Ject Essential III A turntable. With an Ortofon OM 10 elliptical cartridge, belt drive system and 8.6” aluminium tonearm. But what makes the Guns ‘n’ Roses Record Player unique is its appearance. Pro-Ject have directly printed artwork onto the Acryl-IT E platter. Using a meticulous printing process, the instantly recognisable Guns ‘n’ Roses logo fills the entire 12” platter more

How To

  • Thu, 07/03/2019
    As a headphone is essentially a miniature loudspeaker, it shouldn’t be surprising that the interactions between headphones and headphone amplifiers are very similar to those between loudspeakers and power more

Latest Reviews

  • Thu, 21/03/2019
    It can be all too easy to take things for granted I find, you can use something for years and fail to find anything to better it and still don’t climb to the top of the nearest tower and shout about it. But when the manufacturer makes a change to it, the option to right that wrong appears and thus it is with the Townshend Allegri passive preamplifier. read more

Show Report

  • February, 2019
    We didn’t manage to get to Bristol for the first time since 1988 but that’s no reason not to report on some of the highlights of this always entertaining event. No longer dubbed Sound & Vision but not entirely devoid of home cinema the event was... read more


  • Wed, 30/01/2019
    However much one might love turntables, vinyl replay and records themselves, most eventually reach a point where they are forced to ask whether or not their record player is optimally set up.