• Tue, 16/04/2019
    To mark Kimber Kable’s 40thbirthday Russ Andrews are introducing a one-off, limited edition version of Kimber’s classic PBJ analogue interconnect that boasts all the features of the original plus upgraded WBT 0114 RCA phono plugs in place of the standard Kimber UltraPlate connectors. The original tri-wire braid, which was to become such a familiar symbol of Kimber Kable, is retained in its authentic colours of red, blue and more
  • Tue, 09/04/2019
    Chord Electronics have announced an interesting firmware update for Poly, the wireless streaming module for the Mojo DAC/headphone amp. The new firmware (V2.0.0), dubbed ‘Poly 2’ includes Tidal and Qobuz support via third-party DLNA apps, improved Bluetooth, DLNA and Wi-Fi, plus Roon readiness and key updates to the configuration more

How To

  • Wed, 17/04/2019
    When I first met Theo Stack of Stack Audio at the Bristol HiFi Show in 2018, he discussed his ideas for building after-market parts for Linn LP12 owners who wanted to upgrade their turntables. In the year that followed he has worked hard to deliver on that more

Latest Reviews

  • Wed, 10/04/2019
    It’s been a while since I lived with an MSB DAC, but I have very happy memories of those occasions when one was left in my care in the past. The company has always been at the leading edge of digital technology with several firsts to its name and some very ambitious products in its range, of these the Discrete DAC is the least expensive. read more

Show Report

  • February, 2019
    We didn’t manage to get to Bristol for the first time since 1988 but that’s no reason not to report on some of the highlights of this always entertaining event. No longer dubbed Sound & Vision but not entirely devoid of home cinema the event was... read more


  • Fri, 12/04/2019
    Living Voice is celebrating their 25thanniversary and have created a special R25 edition of the Auditorium model to mark the occasion. I caught up with founder and designer Kevin Scott late last year to find out a bit more about the brand’s journey from the first Air Partner to the incredible Vox series of horn speakers that put Living Voice on the high end map. JK: What was your first speaker?