• Mon, 19/03/2018
    Russ Andrews has added an AC version of The Supplier PSU for audio components that are fitted with low voltage AC power supplies. The Supplier AC is available in three different voltages: 12, 16 and 24V, to suit the requirements of many different products, from external DACs to turntables and streamers and is designed to “improve dramatically the audio performance”.read more
  • Thu, 15/03/2018
    Clearaudio’s new Tracer radial tonearm (£1,810) slots neatly between the existing Magnify and Clarify models, which positions it just three steps down from Clearaudio’s flagship Universal arm. “The Tracer is an elegantly minimalist design that places particular emphasis on the stable positioning of the phono cartridge above the record’s surface. Beneath the seeming simplicity of its sleek design lies a wealth of workmanship and a raft of smart details.”read more

How To

  • Wed, 24/01/2018
    Google is fast becoming a fundamental part of everyday life, its tentacles reach into nearly every crevice of our work and leisure and this naturally includes audio entertainment. As well as a music streaming service on Prime, Amazon sells the Google Chromecast wifi more

Latest Reviews

  • Mon, 12/03/2018
    It’s all well and good finding high end products that sound great but let’s face it, with the prices charged they should be good almost regardless of circumstances. The real challenge in audio reviewing and buying of course is finding products that work well and don’t cost as much as a car. And if you are just starting out on the journey to that elusive state known as audio nirvana you need to find components that are affordable, that get you on the first run of the ladder. read more

Show Report

  • March, 2018
    Technics have clearly been encouraged by the success of the new SL-1200s and have been inspired to build a new version of their top turntable from back in the day, the SP-10. The new SP-10R has a composite platter with a 10mm thick brass top layer... read more


  • Tue, 13/03/2018
    At the Bristol show last month I caught up with AVM boss Udo Besser to find out about the AVM30 range that his company produced to celebrate its 30th anniversary last year. Initially built as a limited edition for the German market Udo took the opportunity to launch them at the show with UK distributor PMC.