• Mon, 16/07/2018
    Bowers & Wilkins has created new Prestige Editions of its 802 and 805 models, featuring a very special Santos Rosewood finish.The 802 and 805 Prestige Edition models are acoustically unchanged from standard 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers and feature the same advanced specification, including the Diamond dome tweeter, Turbine Head, Continuum and Aerofoil drive units and Matrix cabinet construction. read more
  • Thu, 28/06/2018
    Rega have replaced their flagship phono preamp, the Ios, with Aura. Ostensibly similar in appearance Aura differs under the skin by virtue of changes made to the front end or input stage. Where Ios used step-up transformers to provide the extra gain required with moving coil cartridges Aura has an active gain stage. This has come about because when Ios was developed engineer Terry Bateman incorporated a symmetrical input circuit but at the time there were no symmetrical FETs more

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  • Mon, 16/07/2018
    When it comes to the bleeding edge of digital audio file streaming is where it’s at and servers are the most important part of the system, they are after all the source. We have had DACs for long enough now that progress is incremental, even streamers, which lest it be forgotten come from the low fi but tech driven world of custom installation, are advancing at a restrained pace. read more

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  • May, 2018
    SME announced a rather different turntable called Synergy (£14,950). The has a phono stage built into the plinth and is supplied with an arm based on the Series IV and an Ortofon Windfield PWTi moving coil cartridge. The turntable has suspension... read more


  • Thu, 26/04/2018
    The unseasonably hot night of Wednesday, April 18th saw the launch of a new sound system at Mayfair's Tape London nightclub. Great: what's this got to do with The Ear, you might ask? And rightly: last time I looked, we hadn't been taken over by International DJ magazine. But Tape is a venue with a difference — how many nightclubs do you know with a built-in state-of-the-art high-resolution recording studio, and a sound system to match?