Jason Kennedy

My first exposure to the differences between audio components came in my early twenties when I heard a vintage system with a Decca London cartridge on a Garrard 301 turntable, Leak Stereo 20 tube amp and Quad ESL 57 loudspeakers.

I’m a musical nomad with passion for syncopation and harmonies who has stayed in the hi-fi industry to satisfy my insatiable addiction to music.

Born and raised in rural Lancashire, I went on to train as an architect in Manchester in the mid 1960s.

My addiction to music and audio equipment music really started when I was about 12 years old and someone gave me a record player with two cartridges, a mono and a stereo one.

Richard Barclay

My earliest recollection of ‘hi-fi’ is kneeling in front of my father’s stereo as a three year old in 1989. I would perch beside his Goodmans Magnum SL loudspeakers for hours, utterly spellbound by the sounds issueing forth.

Music was my first love. Both my parents were music lovers and in our community they were among the first to own a stereo system.

Sound and the transmission of sound has fascinated me since I was small.

Music has been an integral part of my life virtually since I was born. My father was a very keen amateur violinist (initially) before ‘graduating’ to the viola.

As a teenager in the late sixties I became totally immersed in the music of that era, much of which I still enjoy today.