• Mon, 26/09/2022
    Marantz is aiming to emulate the Landrover story by moving from a functional, practical image to one that exudes quality, much like the way that Landrover evolved into the Rangerover brand and created one of the most desirable ranges in the market. Marantz have launched the Cinema Series lineup of premium home theater products that establish new benchmarks for high-end performance: impeccable sound quality, feature-rich design, and beautiful more
  • Mon, 26/09/2022
    Vertere have announced that the new DG-1S record player is also available in white from early October 2022. Traditionally product development at Vertere comes from two sources: A eureka moment for founder Touraj Moghaddam or conversations with distribution – a push or pull approach. This product came by a chance conversation between Touraj and Chelsea – Vertere's marketing specialist – where she expressed a desire for a white finish DG-1S. read more

How To

  • Thu, 17/02/2022
    The Henry Wood Hall in Borough, south London is a large but not otherwise particularly distinctive grey Victorian church, it was undoubtedly grand in its day but has absorbed a lot of soot since more

Latest Reviews

  • Fri, 23/09/2022
    Auralic is a small company with plenty of ideas, especially with regard to adding functionality to their range of streamers, DACs and associated components. They have been making these since launching the compact, curvy Aries nearly a decade ago, in that time their casework design has become more uniform and now there is only one shape and colour to choose. read more

Show Report

  • June, 2022
    Living Voice took almost the same system to Cranage as they used at the Munich High End but had to cram it into a much smaller room, so there was one equipment rack topped by a Kuzma R turntable with a 12inch Kuzma 4-Point arm and CAR60 cartridge... read more


  • Thu, 07/04/2022
    Pro Audio Design (PAD) is a Boston-based group of audio distribution companies which has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Japanese loudspeaker brand TAD Laboratories for the US and Canada. Company president Dave Malekpour has been working with TAD for almost 30 years and while his roots lie in pro audio and studio specification, this partnership sees him bringing this experience into the hi-fi market.