• Thu, 13/01/2022
    Rotel has introduced the A12MKII amplifier, CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII CD players the new models benefit from innovations and improvements to the circuit designs and enhancement to critical audio components, “resulting in exceptional performance, improved accuracy, and greater acoustic detail. The soundstage of the new models delivers wider and more genuine presentation of the music with increased depth and natural expression”.read more
  • Thu, 06/01/2022
    Two new Cambridge Alva turntables build on the success of the Alva TT – launched in 2019 as the “world’s first aptX HD Bluetooth turntable”. The Alva TT V2 and Alva ST turntables will be available in Spring 2022. The Alva TT V2 is an upgraded next-generation model, while the ST enters the range to provide the widest available choice and flexibility for more

How To

  • Mon, 20/12/2021
    I2S – pronounced eye-squared-ess for those unfamiliar with the term – is a serial digital signal bus scheme originally intended for board-level IC-to-IC transfer (integrated circuit).read more

Latest Reviews

  • Mon, 17/01/2022
    The wonderful thing about turntables is that they inspire a wide variety of ideas about how best to go about the tricky job of extracting the vibrations from a vinyl groove. On the one hand they are pretty crude, all that’s required is to get the groove to rotate under the stylus at the right speed and allow that stylus to travel across the record unimpeded. read more

Show Report

  • October, 2021
    Paul Benge is now HiFi Guy and alongside MSB DACs and TAD loudspeakers he is bringing in Holbo’s Airbearing Turntable from Slovenia. At £6,500 this must be the most affordable air powered, linear tracker arm equipped record player available today.... read more


  • Mon, 10/01/2022
    Max Townshend died on the last day of 2021 and will be missed by an awful lot of people. He had been in the hi-fi business since 1975 and setting up Townshend Audio in Australia before moving it to the UK three years later. Initially Max marketed Elite cartridges, the first to feature a parabolic stylus and one of the first to make MCs that had a line contact stylus.