The Gallery Concerts II Jazz Poetry

Music Review

20 Sep 2022
Jan Lundgren & Hands Backenroth
The Gallery Concerts II Jazz Poetry
Formats also available: CD

This recording of a live performance by two greatly talented musicians, Jan Lundgren on piano and Hans Backenroth on bass, is a totally uplifting album that makes one jealous of the European audiences that get to see these artists on stage.

The Swedish duo’s performance is no short of astonishing, mainly I suspect, on account of the fact that they have collaborated on many albums yet they have never worked as a duo before now. Although only two instruments are involved, the sense of scale and depth is uncanny. Jazz Poetry veers from straight jazz to classical, to soul, to gospel and on and on. The 10 tracks are all superbly and accurately recorded with the bass and piano etched inside a deep sound stage. 

If energetic-romantic music ever becomes a genre, both Lundgren and Backenroth deserve to be crowned its kings. Their musical ability is immense, their playing style is mesmerising, whether it’s a song by Leonard Cohen, the Beatles or their very personal homage to W. A. Mozart, they create fireworks with ease and lightness in their wake. The album includes four original pieces by Lundgren and interpretations of music by Leonard Cohen, Mozart, Lennon and McCartney, as well as jazz standards by Oscar Pettiford and Victor Young. This is possibly the most enjoyable 48 musical minutes that you will get to indulge in in the coming months. If this duo is performing within 250 miles from your home, grab your keys and rush to see them.

Reuben Klein