KEF joins metaverse with NFTs


KEF joins metaverse with NFTs
Thursday, September 22, 2022

KEF is diving into NFTs with unveil Absorbed, an inaugural series of one-of-a-kind generative artworks. Inspired by the LS60 Wireless, holders of these 1,060 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will have exclusive access to future global events, membership benefits and KEF Metaverse experiences.

“By uniting sound lovers and immersive explorers on a journey to discover the power of great sound, they hope to bring the virtual world to the comfort of home. KEF will now be bringing their technology to the forefront of arts and culture by empowering creatives in the Web3 space via strategic collaborations and sponsorships."

KEF collaborated with creative studio Parameta and generative artist Heiroglyphica to create a series of NFTs which embody the process of noise becoming sound through KEF's award-winning Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). Inspired by the pursuit of high-fidelity, the Absorbed collection of intricate generative artworks explores and animates the battle between signal and noise, order and randomness, where noise is absorbed and high-fidelity is found. Owners of LS60 Wireless systems will be eligible to receive an exclusive Absorbed NFT after registering their product online at their myKEF account.

Not only will KEF's superfans and LS60 Wireless owners have the opportunity to receive their very own NFT, but they will also gain access to KEF's, soon to be launched, 'Into the Metaverse' experiences, which will include virtual live-band concerts, immersive showrooms, sound art galleries and acoustic 3D sculptures all at KEF's very own metaverse space.